celebrate [sel′ə brāt΄]
celebrated, celebrating [ME celebraten < L celebratus, pp. of celebrare, to frequent, go in great numbers, honor < celeber, frequented, populous; akin to celer, swift: see HOLD1]
1. to perform (a ritual, ceremony, etc.) publicly and formally: solemnize
2. to commemorate (an anniversary, holiday, etc.) with ceremony or festivity
3. to honor or praise publicly
4. to mark (a happy occasion) by engaging in some pleasurable activity
1. to observe a holiday, anniversary, etc. with festivities
2. to perform a religious ceremony
3. to mark a happy occasion by engaging in some pleasurable activity
celebratory [səl′ebrə tôr΄ē]
SYN.- CELEBRATE means to mark an occasion or event, esp. a joyous one, with ceremony or festivity [let's celebrate your promotion ]; to COMMEMORATE is to honor the memory of some person or event as by a ceremony [to commemorate Lincoln's birthday ]; to SOLEMNIZE is to use a formal, serious ritual [to solemnize a marriage ]; OBSERVE and the less formal KEEP mean to mark respectfully a day or occasion in the prescribed and appropriate manner [to observe, or keep, a religious holiday ]

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